Does Jimmy Wales have any friends that were his friends before 2001?

Answer I think that prior to 2001 is when he had real friends. Now his entourage consists of people eager to jump on the gravy train or hoping to have a wiki-hagiography written about them, maybe both.

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What was Jimmy Kimmell's friends name on Dancing with the Stars last season?

Dancing with the Stars is a show which is a chance for celebrities to show what they've got in ballroom dancing with professional ballroom dancers and champions.

Can you move to another state if a child you have guardianship of lives with friends and the friends have temp custody?

Answer Yes you can but how will you be able to moniter the child from another state. I know guardianship means a person legally in charge of the affairs of a minor or a person of unsound mind. Cus... Read More »

What is was the name of children's TV show where one of the friends had to wear a mask and his other friends directed him?

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