Does Java work in windows xp?

Answer Yes, it does, Java is machine independent, you will just need the required libraries to be able to run java applications.If you mange to develop java programs then you may like to install the full ... Read More »

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Will Microsoft Java on Windows XP SP2 Professional work?

The Microsoft Java Virtual Machine was supported until June 30, 2009, at which time it was shut down due to intellectual property conflicts with Sun Microsystems. Because Windows XP Service Pack 2 ... Read More »

Does Windows need Java to function?

No version of Windows requires the Java Virtual Machine for the operating system to function. However, some programs and many web pages may require Java to be installed before they will work correc... Read More »

Does Alltel DSL need Java to work?

Alltel DSL does not explicitly need Java in order to work. Java is a programming language and run-time environment that can be used to develop rich Internet applications. Without Java, you can stil... Read More »

Does Peachtree Complete 2008 for Windows Vista require Java?

Peachtree Complete 2008 is accounting software for use with Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP1 or Windows 7. According to, Java is not required to run Peachtree Complete 20... Read More »