Does JVC HD camcorders work on a Mac?

Answer Ok I used to work in a Camera department as well as being the Apple Expert at a Best Buy store and JVC camcorders do work on Macs and will import using iMovie as long as you have at bear minium iMo... Read More »

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In camcorders 10x optical zoom Camera is costlier than 40x camcorders anybody can clarify this?

Cameras that employ a large zoom ratio do not have as many imaging pixels as cameras with a smaller zoom ratio.Cameras supporting higher resolution and HDTV require a lens that produces a better im... Read More »

What "affordable" camcorders are compatible & work best with iMovie '11 & standard Macbooks?

Good zoom works very well for a day approaches and bright places Soledad excellent, but for low light if you need some accessories to give greater illumination to the area of ''shooting. Very light... Read More »

Are DVD camcorders better than hard disk camcorders?

Does anyone know anything about HD Camcorders?

Pixela only supports 32-bit versions of operating systems. That's wonderful when encoding HD video...*rolls eyes*If you're using Windows Media Player to watch the videos, it might have not have th... Read More »