Does Israel have a national dish?

Answer Yes!!! : )It is a toss up between FALAFEL or Hummus....but I would say falafel is number one! : )Falafel has been part of the diet of Mizrahi Jews for centuries and is a staple of the Israeli diet.... Read More »

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Does America have a national dish ?

One way of describing American cuisine is a synthesis of cuisines from around the world, a style of cooking that takes something from each immigrant community. America has alot of famous regional d... Read More »

What connections does Israel have with the US?

Israel and the US are strong Democratic allis.

What kind of economic system does Israel have?

Israel is a modern and prosperous nation with a thriving market economy. Strong sectors of the economy include technology-based businesses, especially telecommunications, information technology, el... Read More »

Why does the US support of Israel have to do with terrorist attack?

Answer 1 Because the countries that surround Israel DO NOT support a Jewish settlement in what THEY perceive is Arab land. The Arab countries have attacked Israel - and that was the 6 day war in 19... Read More »