Does Ipad 2 and Ipod touch 4G have the same games?

Answer Well first it's bigger it has a camera in the front and at the end of 2011 with iOS 5. It has different apps and is made of aluminum. Has an option to buy 3G with an iPad2 or not. Much better then... Read More »

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Can you transfer games from ipod touch to iPad?

Yes. You just sync your iPod on your iTunes on your computer. Then you sync your ipad on your iTunes.

IPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4?

Yes all of them are coming except for the iPad. They are coming even before November. Also the only colors are Black and White. You can buy cases if you want in different colors. Any other question... Read More »

Is the iPad better than a big ipod touch?

Well, the only difference between an ipad and a big ipod touch is that an ipad is slim and is bigger

Should you get the Ipad 2 if you have an Ipod touch?