Does Internet history record the time a site was visited?

Answer Internet browsers not only record what sites were visited, but when they were visited, as well. Some browsers, like Mozilla Firefox 3.5, have the option to clear recent history from a certain poin... Read More »

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Does Internet history record the time it was visited?

Different browsers are available for accessing the Internet. Each has its own practice for accessing the browsing history and what information is recorded. Manish Sharma of the Web Developers Notes... Read More »

How do I delete the history of all internet sites I have visited?

Easy way: download ccleaner ( a freeware) and install it and run it whenever you visit "those sites". This freeware cleans all cookies, catches and temp files too ..Great tool!

Can anyone view the pages i visited on internet even after deleting the history and cookies?

Yup, but you have to know what you doing on a computer. Microsoft will know when you do you Microsoft update. The do it for marketing research.

Does a 3 Mobile online bill include a history of internet sites visited on their 3g network?

It depends on what you like. If you listen to a lot of music all of the time, then yes, it is worth buying. However, if you don't like to listen to a lot of music, or barely do, then it is not wo... Read More »