Does Innotek electronic flea and tick repeller work?

Answer On One Hand: It is an alternative to chemical treatments.Chemical treatments for dogs can bring pesticides into your home that you may not want. Innotek electronic flea collars provide an effective... Read More »

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How do flea& tick repellants like Frontline& Advantage work?

Advantage and Frontline are two popular brand name flea and tick control products. These products work to eliminate fleas and ticks from your pet's body and repel them for a period of time afterwar... Read More »

Does anyone know if Flea and Tick Bombs will kill mites indoors I'm out of miticide?

I've successfully Murdered plants with the soapy water thing.Spectracide Bugstop will kill mites, aphids, mealy bugs, scale...without hurting plants. available at Wallyworld, HomeyD, Lowz.

How does liquid mosquito repeller work. Does it kill the mosquito's or just drive them away?

The carbon rod in the refill gets gets heated and makes the liquid to evaporate....And the liquid contains Cyclothrine(I am not sure) which the mosquito dont like when the fly off...They wont kill ... Read More »

Flea & Tick Dip for Dogs?

Dogs can easily become infested with fleas and ticks, and pesticide dips are one option for combating these pests. While traditional dips have few side effects, some national organizations urge con... Read More »