Does Inkjet matte paper use more ink than glossy paper?

Answer Inkjet matte paper actually uses less ink than glossy paper because it is less dense and does not have the added chemicals and coatings of glossy paper. These chemicals and coatings decrease the ab... Read More »

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Does matte photo paper require more ink than glossy photo paper?

Glossy photo paper actually uses slightly more ink than matte alternatives, according to Epson. Matte photo paper itself includes multiple varieties that consume ink at different rates. Some printe... Read More »

Why do inkjet printer bleeds on art paper or something glossy?

You cannot print on just any old glossy/fancy paper in an inkjet printer, you have to use glossy/fancy paper that is designed specifically for inkjet printers, and for the best results, paper desig... Read More »

How to Make Glossy Paper?

With paper crafts you can create homemade cards, invitations, wrapping papers, embellishments and a wide variety of other items. Making and using glossy paper adds a shiny touch to your paper craft... Read More »

Can glossy paper be recycled?

While rules vary at different recycling centers, glossy paper usually is accepted for recycling, though you may have to separate it from non-glossy paper. Contact your local recycling center for it... Read More »