Does Icy-Hot do any good?

Answer Yes! Icy hot or bengay with a few ibufrofen (I pour 4-7 in my hand and take them all at once when I hurt, it says that's tooMuch but I've taken it Soo much if I don't take that many nothing happens... Read More »

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I need to buy a new camera, does anyone have any good suggestions for a good brand?

Does drinking plenty of water enhance having a good mood/feeling good?

Well, water helps clean out your system of icky bad garbage that is backed in your system. When your body feels clean and healthy inside, then you are happy. Its a psychological state of mind. Your... Read More »

What does Tom Good whistle in The Good Life?

I've often thought it is from "Over The Rainbow" from The Wizard Of Oz. See the related link below, and see if you agree.

Does anyone know of any good dance clubs in Chicago Nothing fancy or to scuzzy. Just nice with good music.?

If you want loud, cheesy, touristy and expensive head over to the clubs on Division near Rush Street. Great music, but everything else sucks.I like going to Alive One and the Union on Halsted near... Read More »