Does Ibogaine work for addiction?

Answer On One Hand: Addiction TreatmentIbogaine is a hallucinogenic drug derived from the bark and roots of the West African shrub Tabernanthe iboga. According to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psy... Read More »

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Isn't addiction to one's work a good thing?

No. You need to have a good balance of work, family, friends, and personal time.


perhaps you can go to a counselor. they can help you out with that. i'm glad you broke off addiction and i hope you can successfully live without it.

Porn is my addiction, why?

you and me need to go to porn AA ,where do you live?

How to Become an Addiction Therapist?

Addiction therapists are also called addiction counselors. They help individuals to overcome their dependency on gambling, food, alcohol, drugs or other addictions. The job outlook for addiction th... Read More »