Does IIS 6.0 reuse threads?

Answer IIS 6.0 makes use of a number of thread pools in order to reuse previously initialized threads wherever possible. Although the size of thread pools can be adjusted, they are self-tuning by default.... Read More »

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Whats the difference between plumbing pipe threads and conduit pipe threads?

Answer Plumbing pipe threads are squared and conduit pipe threads are tapered.

What are the threads the secret service does?

What does truncated threads mean?

Truncated means to cut short or modify. A truncated thread most often refers to a screw thread---a raised ridge that wraps around a screw or bolt in a helix formation---that has been cut into a fla... Read More »

Does plumbing have left hand threads?

Absolutely YES and so does gas piping and heating applications Your looking at it from the wrong end.