Does IE for Mac support ActiveX?

Answer Internet Explorer for the Mac supports ActiveX, Microsoft's programming and scripting language for Web applets. However, Internet Explorer for the Mac is no longer being developed by Microsoft. Mic... Read More »

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Does Chrome support ActiveX?

No, the Google Chrome web browser does not support ActiveX, reports the official Google Chrome website. Only Internet Explorer and browsers based on Internet Explorer running on Windows computers u... Read More »

Tell me FEATURE of zync z990 tablet will it support hindi language does it support tv just like zen ultrata?

it has operating system of android version 4.0.IT comes with 7.0 inch fully touch screen with HD video quality.IT has 1gb ram and internal memory 4gb and it is expand to 32gb.It has also front came... Read More »

Issue with BitDefender Antivirus and Customer support ignoring my support ticket.?

first get ur money back right away, ask for refund or have ur credit card get it back, mind does, 1 thing can't give the right advice without more details on ur what bard of com. what operating sys... Read More »

My partner is on life support after a motorbike accident can anyone give me advice and support?

You just have to be there for your partner,that's all you can do.Be strong and brave.