Does IBM T42 have USB 2.0?

Answer Yes. The IBM ThinkPad T42 and T42p notebook computers have two USB 2.0 ports apiece. Both notebook models also have parallel, S-video, CRT and audio ports, as well as a port for docking stations.So... Read More »

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Can parental rights be signed away just by filling out a form or does an attorney have to be obtained and does the other party have to agree?

Answer If a parent AGREES to give up their rights, no attorney is needed, but a written agreement made, and signed with a WITNESS, that way it can't come back to haunt either party

What does it mean if you have dish network and the TV says your smart card does not have authorization to view or purchase this channel?

At this point, if your talking about your computer, you can't. But if your talking about an external hard drive hooked up to the box, you can. In your list of recorded programs, go to external devi... Read More »

If a father has not seen his child in 13 years does he still have rights and does the mother need his permission to have the child's last name changed?

Answer If the father had every right to see his child and nothing was stopping him from doing so and he hasn't paid one penny of child support then he is classified as an absentee father. In most ... Read More »

Does Google have an Instant Message system If so, does it have a voice-IM as well?

Yes. Google IM is called Google Chat, or Google Talk, which ever you download (I downloaded both for free). And yes, a voice IM, it's actually called the phone call setting and it's just like a tel... Read More »