Does Hypnotism Work for Recovering Lost Memories?

Answer A recovered memory is a memory that is believed to have been lost, but is recalled, usually during the course of psychotherapy treatment. Some therapists have used hypnosis to help clients recover ... Read More »

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How do you recover lost memories?

Hit your head against a wall or blunt object at the precise point where you were hit before and wait for 2 hours, they should return, if not contact a psycologist for further help.

Help with recovering a lost word document?

word-file-options-save... you should see where the files are backed up to, if this option was selected

How to The Voyage of Hypnotism?

There are two states of mind Conscious & Subconscious .The Conscious state of mind holds 10 % power . While the Unconscious mind Holds 80 % power .As Conscious state governs the unconscious state... Read More »

How to Practice Hypnotism?

Hypnosis is an excellent method of modifying behavior, resolving personal issues or relieving stress. Under hypnosis, a person is typically very relaxed while in a heightened state of concentration... Read More »