Does Hydroxycut contain ephedrine?

Answer According to the Hydroxycut website, Hydroxycut Advanced is currently the only formula produced by the company. While the previous formula contained ephedra, the current formula does not. The activ... Read More »

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Does hydroxycut contain ephedra?

Hydroxycut products did contain ephedra before April 2004, when the FDA banned all supplements containing the ingredient from the U.S. market. Ephedra comes from a Chinese plant also known as "ma h... Read More »

What herbs does hydroxycut contain?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement. The original formula was pulled from the market in 2009 due to health problems and deaths linked to the product.Ma HuangMa huang is a shrub that, when consum... Read More »

Does hydroxycut work?

On One Hand: How Hydroxycut WorksExperimentation with mice showed that Hydroxycut (hydroxycitric acid) works through a duel pronged attack against fat and weight gain. Hydroxycitric acid works by s... Read More »

Does hardcore hydroxycut work?

On One Hand: Testimonials Provide Claims of Weight LossAnecdotal reports claim that the product Hydroxycut Hardcore worked exceptionally well for its small, passionate group of devotees, as reporte... Read More »