Does Humana Medicare cover methadone clinics?

Answer None of Humana's Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans cover the cost of methadone clinics. Humana's Medicare Part D plans do not cover the cost of methadone, even when it is used for treating chroni... Read More »

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What are methadone clinics for?

Approximately 115,000 Americans rely on a prescription medication called methadone to help them battle addiction to heroin, reports To obtain methadone in the United States, patients typi... Read More »

Methadone clinics and drug testing?

You should call a clinic or just stop in and ask them about their policies.

What is the purpose of methadone clinics?

Heroin is a powerful opiate that gives users a rush of euphoria, followed by extreme listlessness. Heroin is highly addictive, and chronic use can be very damaging to a user's health. Methadone cli... Read More »

Does Humana One cover pre existing conditions?

Humana one does offer some coverage of pre-existing conditions (defined as any condition that has occured in the 24 month period before client has applied for Humana one). However, benefits are not... Read More »