Does Humana Gold Choice cover dental?

Answer Generally, the Humana Gold Choice doesn't cover preventive dental benefits such as cleaning. For those with Medicare benefits (Medicare Part A and Part B, also known as "Original Medicare"), there ... Read More »

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Humana One Dental Question?

Humana is one of the largest companies in the states. I sell quite a few Humana plans. I haven't come across any Humana dental plan that has a one year contract where you cannot get off unless it i... Read More »

Does Humana One cover pre existing conditions?

Humana one does offer some coverage of pre-existing conditions (defined as any condition that has occured in the 24 month period before client has applied for Humana one). However, benefits are not... Read More »

Does Humana Medicare cover methadone clinics?

None of Humana's Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans cover the cost of methadone clinics. Humana's Medicare Part D plans do not cover the cost of methadone, even when it is used for treating chroni... Read More »

Does Humana HMO health insurance cover chin surgery?

Plastic surgery on the chin is called mentoplasty. Humana insurance covers plastic surgeries that are medically necessary. If the surgery is for cosmetic reasons only, it is not likely to be covere... Read More »