Does Horlicks drink really make you sleepy?

Answer Yes,Horlicks can make me feel sleepy sometimes.

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Hi , i am really sleepy and nowadays i have to study hard but i fall asleep soon . what should i eat or drink?

Water, lots of it. It refreshes you and keeps you wide awake especially if it is a bit cold. Things like coffee and energy drinks are not that good for you because they have a lot of caffeine and a... Read More »

How can i make myself sleepy?

How to Make Yourself Sleepy?

Sleeping. The only process which makes everyone happy and relax must be practiced regularly in a regular time.It is a must that you have to be careful what you do to sleep. If you want to be fresh ... Read More »

Does tea make you sleepy or more awake?

well depending of the tea...some tea calms you down and relaxes you while you are trying to go to bed, so it helps you green tea and camomel tea