Does Horlicks drink really make you sleepy?

Answer Yes,Horlicks can make me feel sleepy sometimes.

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Hi , i am really sleepy and nowadays i have to study hard but i fall asleep soon . what should i eat or drink?

Water, lots of it. It refreshes you and keeps you wide awake especially if it is a bit cold. Things like coffee and energy drinks are not that good for you because they have a lot of caffeine and a... Read More »

Does sleepy time tea really work?

I love that tea(: I don't think it makes you sleep, just the aroma helps you calm down, so you may go to sleep (: There is something in it that helps you get calm though its called Valerian, thats ... Read More »

Does bob marley drink really make you tired?

You will most likely fall asleep, I've seen my friend drink one and he passed out shortly after drinking one. It makes you relaxed and helps you fall asleep.It's full of "natural, calming, botanica... Read More »

Why does Nyquil make me so sleepy?

Nyquil contains something called an antihistamine. It is very commonly used in anti-allergy drugs and unfortunately can make you very sleepy. Dayquil, the counterpart of Nyquil, does not contain an... Read More »