Does Hollister carry the size XL?

Answer No. I work there and we've never carried anything in XL at my stores but the L is pretty big. Try going to a store and trying stuff on. Or look at the measuring chart and get a measuring tape and s... Read More »

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What size would i be in hollister jeans if im a size 12 in regular sizing?

Don't call yourself a fat @ss! I work at Hollister and the jeans run small, you can try an 11 (try some stretchy jeggings) and they might work. They don't sell a size higher than that. I always hav... Read More »

What is hollister's music playlist I went to hollister's website and it only gave me 10 bad songs!help!?

Here are some songs that have ranged from the Oct 2006 playlist to the presentThe All-American Rejects - Dirty Little SecretThe All-American Rejects - Move AlongThe Almost - Say This SoonerBloc Par... Read More »

What size can carry-on luggage be?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, carry-on luggage can be no more than 45 linear inches, which includes the total height, width and depth of the bag. Most airlines require passenger... Read More »

What size luggage can you carry on an airplane?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), most airlines will not allow an item exceeding 45 linear inches to be stowed on board. This includes the parcel's height, width and depth. Th... Read More »