Does Having a 320 GB Hardrive increase my computer's speed?

Answer no it does not ... having a faster rpm harddrive with a larger cache and maybe putting a couple in raid will increase speed dramatically .. but not size ...

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Is there any way to increase the speed of my computer without having to upgrade it?

perform these steps to get the most out of what you have...install and run 'cc cleaner' (you can schedule it to run on startup)install and run 'defraggler' (you can schedule it to run once a week)f... Read More »

Will adding new hardrive speed comp. up?

Accessing information it will, but as for performance, No. You need memory, processor, video card to get your speed up.

Does a router increase Internet speed?

On One Hand: Some Data Indicate YesBecause a router serves as a local area network's gateway to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), a premium router may allow data to move more quickly between the... Read More »

Does having astigmatism cause an increase in prescription?

No, it shouldn't. To correct an astigmatism, you need a specially shaped lens, not a stronger prescription. I started wearing glasses when I was... twelve, and my eyesight got worse over the years,... Read More »