Does Having Electronics in School Help Learning?

Answer Using electronic media and the Internet has provided educators a few advantages that predecessors in the 1970s and earlier did not have. It is taking advantage of these new avenues of education tha... Read More »

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Does rice help wet electronics?

Yeah, rice soaks up liquids. Try burying it in rice for about a day or two and see if it still works after that. Don't push any buttons while it's wet or you might get nail polish remover on the in... Read More »

I am looking for goverment grants to help me get back into school and I am having a lot of trouble. I am in Va?

apply for federal finaincal aid herehttp://fafsa.ed.govalso attached is a good book on the process of applying.

Help! Need help finding out info on electronics !!?

Just look up HD, CRT, LCD, 4K, and remember AV cables are for older tv's and HDMI cables are for newer tvs. Also smart tv's have wifi built in them, and some have apps, and if a person wants to get... Read More »

How to Help a Child Who Struggles With Learning to Read Because of Their Learning Style?

There are basically four learning styles.  If your child's learning style is the Kinesthetic learning style, the average classroom setting beginning with first grade may cause unnecessary stress ... Read More »