Does Having Electronics in School Help Learning?

Answer Using electronic media and the Internet has provided educators a few advantages that predecessors in the 1970s and earlier did not have. It is taking advantage of these new avenues of education tha... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Electronics Safe at School?

Almost everybody who is middle/high school has a cell phone or iPod. Unfortunately that could put you at risk for getting them stolen. Here is how to keep them safe.

How to Use Portable Electronics During School Hours?

This is a thorough how-to on how to use your portable electronics in a closely monitored environment, such as a school. Many a time will this come in handy throughout one's life.

Why aren't electronics allowed in school?

Although the policy may differ among schools, many forbid students from carrying electronics such as cell phones and laptops with them to class for several reasons.CheatingCell phones make cheating... Read More »

Can a stepparent file a lawsuit if the school administrators refuse to discuss the reasons the school wants to have the child tested for possible learning disabilities and a potential IEP?

If the step-parent has legally adopted, or is the legal guardian, of the child in question they may take any action they feel justified in dealing with the dhild's difficulties. If they have not le... Read More »