Does Hair Plus Shampoo really work?

Answer On One Hand: Clinical TestsAccording to its official reseller, As Seen on TV, clinical trials prove that Hair Plus Shampoo increases hair growth by over 100 percent within a 28-day period. Other cl... Read More »

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Does the FAST shampoo and conditioner\ hair plus work on black girls hair?

I used it. I'm black and proud. I love it!Home remedies: I know this will smell weird but it works! Mayo and egg in you hair. Leave it in for 2 hours then wash it out. It's a deep conditioner. It m... Read More »

Does Oram Plus for gum disease really work?

On One Hand: No Miracle CureOram Plus cannot cure gum disease. In early 2010, one website offering Oram Plus added this disclaimer to the bottom of its home page: "These statements have not been ev... Read More »

Does a shampoo cap really lighten hair?

On One Hand: Virgin HairA shampoo cap will lighten virgin hair. Virgin hair has never been colored or lightened. Developer used in a shampoo cap penetrates the hair cortex and lightens the hair's n... Read More »

How Does Shampoo Work on Hair?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, some traditional classroom environments have evolved into multimedia integrated classrooms. These classrooms contain present-day technology that is designed... Read More »