Does H&R Block e-file past years'taxes?

Answer H&R Block offers for sale versions of its software dating back to 1992 through the present tax year, allowing users to file the necessary past years' taxes. These tax reports can then be sent to th... Read More »

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Block party planners! What are some tidbits you wish you had known before you planned your past block party?

Permits...I can't say enough about that....locally, there was a news story a few years back...big raid, paddy wagon, the whole 9 yards...why? City Hall didn't get their cut.(((India)))

How do you get past a block on Youtube?

Your best bet would probably be to use GMAIL to make a new gmail email address and then make a new youtube account.

How Do I Get Past An "OPEN DNS" Block?

yes. temporarily change the dns server you are using. go to control panel>network connections and right click "local area connection" or if you are on a wireless network, right click "wireless netw... Read More »

Have I done the right thing by removing the block on those who in the past seemed to find it amusing ...?

It's entirely up to you Joan. If you feel that you're leaving yourself open to abuse or unwarranted nastiness, then it's probably best to leave people blocked (yes I know I was blocked from answer... Read More »