Does HDTV make TV picture brighter?

Answer not at all in most cases it makes it darker and the delectivator on you gmd will get to hot and over ride your sytems std check

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Will freeview HD make the overall picture on a HDTV better?

It depends mainly on which brand of TV you have bought.The cheaper "no-name" and supermarket brands all have poor quality picture, simply because they are cheap and they use cheap, poor quality com... Read More »

What is needed to make the picture look better on a hdtv using a standard def. dish network receiver?

Starting from an hdtv cable box using a split cable going to the pip output can you connect another tv to the pip output and get an hdtv picture on the other tv?

Answer Hi, It really depends on your PIP output on the cable box and whether or not the output is HDTV or standard TV. And in some cases, the PIP output will only display non-HDTV channels, depen... Read More »

How do i get the best picture on my 120 hz hdtv?

Hertz is a measurement that describes a television's refresh rate. A TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate will display a better picture than a TV with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Even though 120 Hz is inherentl... Read More »