Does HDMI Cable Improve TV Sound?

Answer Ever since the invention of digital sound, home electronic entertainment system users have debated quality issues. Technical aspects show that a digital signal is less susceptible than an analog si... Read More »

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Im using a dvi-to-hdmi cable from my computer to my pioneer vsx1120k the dvi does not carry sound so im using a rca cable im only getting sound from my receiver when there is no hdmi signal any ideas?

Change the audio input selection on the Pioneer from Auto to Analog. The auto mode expects the audio to come from the HDMI port when it is plugged in.

Does an HDMI cable carry sound?

HDMI cables, in addition to carrying high-definition video signal, also carry with it uncompressed digital audio and supports many sound formations, including standard stereo (two-speaker televisio... Read More »

Does an expensive HDMI cable improve over a cheap one?

nope it really doen't make a difference i saw a cable at Best buy for $90 and went to wal mart the same cable was $40

Should I be surprised that my surround sound does not work without a hdmi cable?

Not really.Most company's have only started adding this to their system over the past two years.Most smaller Home Theater box systems (that costing less than five hundred dollars) Still don't offer... Read More »