Does HD TV brand matter for blue-ray veiwing?

Answer No it doesn't. the only thing that matters with blue-ray is 1)the output capability of the blue-ray player 2) you tvs' resolution (420 i/p, 780 i/p, 1080 i/p). and "p" is better than "i" 3) the the... Read More »

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Does it really matter if you get a brand name tv?

The downside is that you play COD4 on it and not Halo 3.

Does the brand of a pc really matter?

The "unknowns" usually use much the same components as the bigger names, it's only the care with which they assemble it that differs. Usually the "Names" have better support and technical departmen... Read More »

Does it matter what brand your monitor is?

should work but the picture will not be as crisp as a new one

Does the brand matter with a HDMI cable?

On One Hand: Name Brand HDMI CablesPurchasing a name brand HDMI cable may provide better craftsmanship and materials over cheaper cables found in a retail store. For instance, better terminals will... Read More »