Does Green Cream make sunspots on skin worse before it gets better?

Answer On One Hand: Sun Spots Shouldn't WorsenGreen Cream uses Retinol which helps to improve the appearance of skin. Reviews from sources such as MakeUpAlley indicate that this product works quickly to c... Read More »

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I have dry skin on face, lotion makes it worse and burn, currently using Ketoconazole cream, please help!?

what kind of soap do u use?do not use the bar kind.

Sun cream made my skin go green! Is that normal....?

Umm lol don't listen to anyone who tells u u r dying lol. Check; is it a tinted suncream? Sometimes they do that so you know if you've spread it evenly. If not, stop using it and get stuff that u h... Read More »

Does eating ice cream make your flu worse?

the flu is caused by virusesviruses need three things to live:oxygen, sugar, and a hospitable environment.Eating icecream helps them in two ways. Sugar, and hospitable environment.When you're sick... Read More »

How to Make Green Tea Ice Cream?

Green tea ice cream is a popular ice cream flavour and it isn't hard to see why; it tastes great. This recipe does not need an ice cream machine but you can certainly make use of one if this assists.