Does Google have an Instant Message system If so, does it have a voice-IM as well?

Answer Yes. Google IM is called Google Chat, or Google Talk, which ever you download (I downloaded both for free). And yes, a voice IM, it's actually called the phone call setting and it's just like a tel... Read More »

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Why does the Telstra system voice have a cultivated accent?

I dont know why but I'm so pleased about that.. it's so beautiful and satisfying to the senses I dont mind waiting online at all now

Does your biological clock have the Wave® sound system as well?

No, It is more like a Coo-Coo Clock. Unfortunately I forgot to pull the chains years ago and the little bird hasn't popped out for years. The other day I thought about it and thought I would get ... Read More »

Does Google have any Google/Answer like Yahoo does?

Google Answers succumbed because of its stupid business model.In theory, answers would come from experts, and as such it would be on a higher level than this addictive mayhem full of yahoos.In prac... Read More »

Does instant tea have caffeine?

On One Hand: Regular Instant TeaAccording to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, instant tea has 26 to 36 milligrams of caffeine per 8 ounce serving. The amount of caffeine per serving varies depen... Read More »