Does Google have a place like Y!A?

Answer There used to be a Google Answers, where you had to apply to be able to answer questions and the asker would pay for the answers, setting the price he would pay for an answer. It's been shut down s... Read More »

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How do you put your name in place of the 'google' written on the google site?

Hi,It only works with Mozilla Firefox.To Do:1. Download and install Greasemonkey Firefox Extension.2. Click Here.3. Go to Click twice over Google logo to change text and colors.You ca... Read More »

How to put my name in place of google?

it is possible.its a funny google trick.follow this link…

Why does google place Wikipedia articles at the top so much!?

Google organizes its results via a page ranking system, which, though the formula is periodically modified, places the results with the most page views at the top of its list. I can see a ration... Read More »

How to Place a Google Doc on a Flash Drive?

Google Docs is great, and since it's linked to your GMail account, you don't even need a flash drive! But what if you have to move a document to another computer that doesn't allow GMail and you mu... Read More »