Does Getting A Blood Test At A Physical Hurt?

Answer No

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Does getting a blood test hurt?

Have you ever been to the dentist? It's way less worse than that. If you watch, your brain will trick you into thinking it hurts more than it really does. Sure, you'll feel it, but it's not that... Read More »

Does getting blood drawn hurt?

Doesn't hurt at all. Like literally, you can't feel anything. They tie a tourniquet above your elbow, stick a needle in the vein that pops out because of the tourniquet, and blood just flows into i... Read More »

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Does getting ur blood drawn hurt?

No, not really at all. Especially if the nurse taking the blood has experience.It can make you feel a bit weak and drowsy though, especially if you have to fast before hand.On rare occasions you ca... Read More »

Does a Blood Test hurt. Having one & nervous?

No they don't hurt you only feel the slightest pin prick as needle breaks skin an injection hurts much more and you can hardly feel that!!!! so stop worrying I have had loads and can not even remem... Read More »