Does Garmin Nuvi 260 work for semi trucks?

Answer The Nuvi 260 provides excellent GPS services for pedestrians and automobile travelers. It is not compatible with specialized transportation downloads. For a better option, try the Nuvi 465T which... Read More »

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Will sandisk 8gb memory cards work in garmin nuvi 750 gps units?

The Garmin Nuvi 750 can accept SDHC cards including 8 GB cards manufactured by Sandisk. The maximum size SDHC card supported is 16 GB. If you are unable to get an 8 GB SDHC card to work with the Nu... Read More »

What OS does Garmin Nuvi run on?

The Garmin Nuvi GPS systems run on an embedded version of Linux. Linux is a freely distributed, open-source operating system with a large community of developers working to improve its functionalit... Read More »

Does the Garmin nuvi 360 take an SD card?

The Garmin nuvi 360 does accept Secure Digital (SD) cards, according to Garmin's website. Since the nuvi only accepts regular SD cards, it can use any card larger than 2 GBs.References:Garmin: nuvi... Read More »

Does the Garmin Nuvi 250 come in widescreen?

The Garmin Nuvi 250 does come in a widescreen. It is called the Garmin Nuvi 250w. The product has been discontinued, but there is still some being sold as either new or refurbished on the internet.... Read More »