Does GPS tracking on cars work offshore?

Answer All Global Positioning System (GPS) units function by interpreting signals received from satellites in orbit around the Earth. As long as the car is on or within a few feet of the Earth's surface a... Read More »

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How to Ensure Successful Offshore Outsourcing for SEO Work?

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Do Los Angeles have jobs that you work on a dock or go offshore or work on a train, any traveling jobs, beside?

You don't keep up with current events, do yo? California has the 2d HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country. Jobs of any kind are almost impossible to find. It could take you many MONTHS to find ... Read More »

Does GPS tracking work if the phone is off?

No. Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers collect signals from satellites that allow them to mathematically determine the exact location of the signal origination. In order for GPS to track a c... Read More »

How does cell phone tracking app work?

It doesn't ! EDIT: actually ANY cellphone can be tracked - by interrogating the networks computer systems to see which masts the cellphone is linked to ! Every cellphone electronically connects to ... Read More »