Does GE oven JGBS15GER have a pilot light?

Answer The discontinued GE range JGBS15GER has surface burners that are lighted by electric ignition, which eliminates the standing pilot light and continuous flame. Please refer to the Use & Care Install... Read More »

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Since I don't plan to use my gas oven often is it safe to get gas hooked up but don't light the oven's pilot light?

Anhydrous ammonia is used in Refrigerators. Anhydrous ammonia is a clear liquid that boils at a temperature of -28°F. In refrigeration systems, the liquid is stored in closed containers under pres... Read More »

Do you have to shut the pilot light on an oven to clean the oven?

No. There is no need to turn off your oven's pilot light in order to clean it. There are three types of oven cleaning and none require turning off the pilot light. The first is regular wiping down ... Read More »

How to Light an Oven Pilot Light on a 2007 Tappan Gas Range?

Lighting the oven pilot light on a 2007 Tappan gas range can be intimidating for someone who is new to gas ranges. Even someone who has owned a gas range for many years may have never had to light ... Read More »

How do I relight a pilot light on an oven?

Go to the back of the oven. While most pilot lights are located behind the oven, meaning they are sometimes difficult to get to, the location of the pilot light will depend on the oven. In certain ... Read More »