Does France have BBC?

Answer no

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How many ecosystems does France have?

An ecosystem, also known as an ecoregion or a biome, is an environmental region with distinct climate, terrain, plant and animal life. France has three major ecosystems. Most of the nation is the t... Read More »

Why does France have so many food courses?

When enjoying a full French meal, there are several courses, usually five or more. Cooking is a highly regarded art form in France and eating is considered a cherished pleasure.HistoryFrance has be... Read More »

Does France have Jus Soli(right by soil)?

French citizenship is given from birth to a baby whose at least one parent is French or to a baby born in France from two foreign parents if one of these was already born in France ( double jus sol... Read More »

Does Air France have travel item restrictions?

Air France does have travel item restrictions. Many of the usual items, including some liquids, knives, firearms, perfumes and aerosols, cigarette lighters and lighter fluid are prohibited on flig... Read More »