Does Financial Aid cover the cost of dorms?

Answer It can. It depends on how much financial aid you receive, from who, and how expensive your school is. Usually financial aid is applied for tuition first and if there is any left over, it can go t... Read More »

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Does financial aid cover cost of living ?

Financial aid varies a lot, so it's hard to say exactly. But they don't add your tuition and housing costs and give you that amount, they just give you X amount of dollars and you have to use it to... Read More »

Does financial aid cover school supplies and books?

youll get something in the mail...if you havent already, telling you how much money youve been awarded for financial really depends on how much money your getting and how much your spending ... Read More »

Does MetLife Insurance Cover the Cost of Braces?

MetLife Insurance will cover the cost of braces if you have the procedure done at a doctor within the MetLife group of certified dental specialists. If you have the procedure performed elsewhere, M... Read More »

How much does the smart cover for the ipad 2 cost?

well I have an iPad 2 but on my birthday I got the iPad 2 and the smart cover separate my sister says she got for 35 dollars if u get the polyurethane but is you want the leather type it will cost ... Read More »