Does Fimo clay need to be baked?

Answer Fimo® clay (also known as Fimo® dough) is a polymer modeling clay often used to make clay beads and other crafts. The clay is soft and pliable while it is being molded and sculpted. The clay must... Read More »

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How to Properly Condition Fimo Clay?

Polymer clay is used to handcraft a variety of items, such as jewelry, buttons and beads. Conditioning polymer clay softens it to make it easier to mold. Make sure your Fimo brand polymer clay figu... Read More »

At what temperature is modeling clay baked?

Different modeling clays need to be baked at different temperatures to harden. Clay designed for children and hobbyists is baked at 250 to 350 degrees F. Ceramic clays made to be fired in kilns are... Read More »

Can porcelain clay be baked in an oven?

It's not possible to bake porcelain clay pottery in a conventional oven since the appliance's maximum temperature is too low. Generally, a kiln is used in order to reach the recommended 2,100 to 2,... Read More »

How to Make Your Paint Stick on Baked Clay?

Baked clay, called bisque ware or just bisque, is the product of high temperature firing in a kiln. As such, it is a hard surface that unlike plaster, holds paint well. Many water- or oil-based pai... Read More »