Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Credit Scores?

Answer Your credit score can be affected by bankruptcy--in a negative way, of course. Bankruptcy can affect the cost you pay for other credit products. It might take a while to fix the damaging effects of... Read More »

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Can filing bankruptcy affect my job?

Your employer is not notified of a bankruptcy filing and cannot fire you because of it under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Your employer may be notified only if garnishment of your wages is wa... Read More »

Will filing bankruptcy affect your car insurance?

Answer I have file for Chapter 7 twice and it has had no effect on my car insurance.

Can I get a credit card after filing bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Bankruptcy Can Seriously Harm Credit.According to MSN Money, bankruptcy is devastating to a person's credit score. The lower your score, the less creditworthy banks and other lending i... Read More »

How soon after filing bankruptcy can your credit be restored?

Your credit immediately begins to rebound after a bankruptcy as long as you exercise good fiscal behavior. You will be eligible for unsecured credit cards within two years. After 10 years a bankrup... Read More »