Does Fedex Kinkos have scanners that are 11x17?

Answer Kinkos usually do have scanners that size, but to save yourself time, call ahead to make sure.

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Has anyone used the scanners at fedex Kinkos before?

If you have a 3 in one printer (Print, Copy, and Scan) you can do this yourself.I am guessing that you want it saved as a PDF or as a Word (Doc) file. Your scanning software for your printer can d... Read More »

Does fedex have scanners where I can...?

Office supply stores or Fedex can put it on a cdrom then you can email it... Or take your usb drive...I enjoy this forum and enjoy helping when I can.

How much does is cost to print one page in black in white at fedex kinkos?

if you do it yourself in the black and white copies it would 10 cents per sheet (unless its double sided then it would 20 centsyou could also try to upload to printonline.fedexKinko's.comand then s... Read More »

Can you recommend a Flat-bed scanner that can handle 11x17 documents?

Hi EwartTake a look at Umax. They have the best legal scanners and up to 17"They are more expensive but last a lifetime or alnost. That is the make we use at the print shop for scanner photo-shoots.