Does Facial Flex work?

Answer On One Hand: Proven ResultsFacial Flex is meant to be used for two minutes twice a day, a device you place in your mouth that increases strength, shape and tone in your facial muscle to fight the a... Read More »

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Does facial flex work to prevent sagging skin?

On One Hand: Exercising Facial MusclesFacial-Flex is marketed as a natural exercise that works against resistance to strengthen the over 30 muscles of the face, to prevent sagging and wrinkling. Si... Read More »

Does the Slendertone Flex work?

On One Hand: EMS and ContractionsAccording to Slendertone's website, the four varieties of the Slendertone Flex use Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to create muscle contractions that... Read More »

Does Nutrisystem Flex work?

On One Hand: Portion ControlNutrisystem Flex provides participants with a variety of portion-controlled meals, balancing carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Nutrisystem Flex features convenient home... Read More »

How to Use Facial Flex?

Fighting the effects of aging--facial wrinkles, spots and sagging--is an ongoing battle that is not always easy to win. Most people are willing to try any number of non-invasive, anti-aging product... Read More »