Does Facial Flex work?

Answer On One Hand: Proven ResultsFacial Flex is meant to be used for two minutes twice a day, a device you place in your mouth that increases strength, shape and tone in your facial muscle to fight the a... Read More »

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Does facial flex work to prevent sagging skin?

On One Hand: Exercising Facial MusclesFacial-Flex is marketed as a natural exercise that works against resistance to strengthen the over 30 muscles of the face, to prevent sagging and wrinkling. Si... Read More »

How to Use Facial Flex?

Fighting the effects of aging--facial wrinkles, spots and sagging--is an ongoing battle that is not always easy to win. Most people are willing to try any number of non-invasive, anti-aging product... Read More »

About Facial Flex Exercises?

Facial flex exercises engage the same concept of resistance used in exercise equipment, weights or isometrics. The idea behind facial flex exercises is that by forcing the facial muscles to work, ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Facial Flex?

The Facial-Flex® is an exercise device designed to firm and tone the muscles of the face and neck. Does this Spark an idea?