Does Facebook mobile cost money?

Answer You WILL have to have internet access through your phone! You dont pay for the facebook mobile, you DO pay extra for internet access thru your carrier which you said you DONT have. It clearly state... Read More »

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Hows facebook mobile work and does it cost money?

No it does not cost nothing.Except if you pay for SMS, if you receive to much.If you planning to get a lot of message, i ll suggest you upgrade your Roger's plan

Does ESPN mobile alerts cost money?

Does Facebook Mobile use mobile time on Verizon or text minutes?

According to Facebook, the mobile provider's standard rates for sending and receiving text messages apply. If you have a Verizon plan with limited text messaging, there may be a cost per message. I... Read More »

Why does facebook now say "via facebook mobile" instead of "via iPhone" Just noticed that it changed today...?

ive been changed to via facebook mobile since last week when this news came's why (read it):