Does FAFSA let you use the money they give you however you want to?

Answer 1. FAFSA only considers your and your family's income. If you have a very good GPA, then the college you go to may give you a scholarship in addition to financial aid; also, see if your church has ... Read More »

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How much money does FAFSA usually give to college students?

FAFSA / the government and your educational institution determine, based upon a formula used to interpret your ability to pay, from your tax returns / parents tax returns, investments, and other as... Read More »

What is the maximum amount of money FAFSA can give you?

FAFSA only gives you an EFC ( estimated family income) and from that your school decides how much you get. So you have to wait until you get the letter from your school with how much you are getting.

I applied for signature loan and got approved they sent me paperwork for disability insurance I signed and returned it. They deposited the money into my account but now they want me to sign the loan?

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Does FAFSA money come in checks?

Federal Student Aid money is first paid directly to the college you designated on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If the amount of Federal Student Aid exceeds the amount you owe to t... Read More »