Does Epilating have the same effect as waxing?

Answer Yes it does. And yea it has the same effect because they both pull hair out by the hair bulb. So over time it causes damage to the root and less hair will eventually grow back :)))

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How to Scrub After Epilating?

Epilating is the process of removing hair from the body using a device that takes it out at the root. It is considered to be the most permanent type of hair removal, but it does have its drawbacks.... Read More »

How to Stop Ingrown Hairs After Epilating?

Epilating is the act of removing unwanted body hair directly from the root. Temporary forms of epilation include tweezing, waxing, threading and using an epilator. Electrolysis and laser are both f... Read More »

How to Cure or Prevent Ingrown Hairs From Epilating?

Epilation is a popular method of hair removal that is executed by removing body hair from the root. This process involves a few different methods of hair removal: waxing, plucking or the more perma... Read More »

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