Does Epilating have the same effect as waxing?

Answer Yes it does. And yea it has the same effect because they both pull hair out by the hair bulb. So over time it causes damage to the root and less hair will eventually grow back :)))

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Does grape juice have the same cholesterol-lowering effect as red wine?

What about grape juice and non alcoholic red wine?In 1997, researchers at the University of Wisconsin concluded that purple grape juice also reduced blood clotting. Another study by researchers at ... Read More »

In imovie I have many clips all individual could I put the same video effect on them at the same time - Imovie?

I don't think so.If ALL the editing is done, then export or Shared the project out as a low compression, high qualty, video sequence. Then import that exported file... it will no be one single long... Read More »

My broker failed to canel my policy new primary in effect same Co Will not refund me Can I have two primary at the same time?

Depends on the rules and the policy provisions. Do you have proof you asked the broker to cancel the policy?

Does cranberry sauce have the same effect as cranberry juice on the urinary tract?