Does Egg Yolk Ruin Car Paint?

Answer Just a single egg tossed on your car by a neighborhood prankster and you're in for a serious headache. It is possible to prevent egg damage if you remove the yolk immediately.

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How to Get Egg Yolk Off Car Paint?

No one wants to come out and find that their car has been egged. Egg can easily damage paint if left to dry, and egg shells can scratch the paint's clear coat upon impact. But with a few simple hou... Read More »

How to Ruin Paint on a Car?

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How do eggs ruin car paint?

Throwing eggs seems like a harmless prank, but those smashed eggs can cause serious damage. The longer an egg remains on a car, the more likely it is to damage the paint irreversibly.Egg ShellsAt t... Read More »

What Products Ruin Car Paint?

When cleaning your car, performing maintenance, or doing repairs under the hood, there are certain products you'll want to be sure don't make contact with your vehicle's paint. Many cleaning compou... Read More »