Does E-Stealth Bluetooth work?

Answer On One Hand: The Manufacturer Says It WorksE-Stealth claims that its Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy software allows you to spy on an unsuspected cell phone user, giving you access to his list ... Read More »

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Does Bluetooth work in iPhone 3G?

It does, but you are not able to send any files or photos. You may connect to Headphones or a Wireless device.

Does bluetooth 2.0 work on iPhone 4S?

Does a Jabra BT 2010 Bluetooth work on a PS3?

The Jabra BT 2010 Bluetooth headset will work on the PlayStation 3 for voice chat. Sound effects and background music, however, will still play through the connected television or speakers.Referen... Read More »

Does the Eli bluetooth work with iPhone?

Eli bluetooth hearing aids (now incorporated into products sold by Starkey Laboratories) work with Apple iPhones and other bluetooth-enabled cell phones. Some bluetooth headsets were not compatible... Read More »