Does Dynomax Exhaust Work Well on Blazers?

Answer Sharing nearly every mechanical component with its S-10 and S-15 siblings, the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer is essentially an SUV derivative of this wildly popular mini-truck. Though 350 engine swaps are ... Read More »

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How Does a Car Exhaust System Work?

A master's degree can considerably advance your career outlook. According to a survey conducted by the UK's Higher Education Careers Service Unit in 2007, postgraduates with a master's degree have... Read More »

How Does an Exhaust Manifold Work?

There is nothing sexy about an exhaust manifold. Every outboard motor and every marine engine has one and, because they work in a high-temperature, corrosive environment that's more conducive to ru... Read More »

How Does an Auto Exhaust MAP Sensor Work?

The manifold absolute pressure, or MAP, sensor plays a vital role in keeping an engine operating at peak efficiency. Without a properly functioning MAP sensor, an automobile engine will run poorly ... Read More »

How Does an Intake & Exhaust System Work?

Engines transform air/fuel mixtures into combustion, creating horsepower. Engine combustion creates exhaust gasses that must be expelled from the combustion chamber in order to keep the air/fuel mi... Read More »