Does Dual Action Cleanse work?

Answer On One Hand: Not Medically ProvenDual Action Cleanse is a product that is supposed to support overall body health by cleaning the colon. The company's claim is that hardened feces build up along th... Read More »

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How much weight can you lose with dual action cleanse?

When following the product instructions, it has been stated that one can lose 5 to 10 pounds on the 30-day program although there have been reports of some people losing up to 25 pounds.Source:Colo... Read More »

Does Ion Cleanse work?

On One Hand: There is No EvidenceThe Ion Cleanse system uses supposedly ionized water to draw impurities and toxins out of the body through the pores of the feet. When the customer places his feet ... Read More »

Does the SlimQuick cleanse work?

On One Hand: SlimQuick Contains Hoodia GordoniiThe SlimQuick cleanse is a product intended for use for one week to "detoxify" the body as you begin a weight-loss program. SlimQuick includes Hoodia ... Read More »

Does a colon cleanse actually work?

On One Hand: It Supposedly HelpsThose in support of colon cleansing claim numerous health benefits from the procedure. According to, the process rids the body of toxins that could... Read More »