Does Dr. Frank's Joint Pain Relief have mercury in it?

Answer Dr. Frank's Joint and Muscle Pain Relief spray is a homeopathic remedy that does not contain mercury. It is composed of 10 natural ingredients, many derived from plants or minerals, plus water, fla... Read More »

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Can a burn near a joint case joint pain?

It couldn't cause joint pain. It can burn the muscle which can tighten up the tendon to make pains within the joint area but they aren't from the joint. So yes and no.

Can i give my dog human joint relief medication?

On One Hand: Some Medications Are Safe for DogsMany veterinarians, such as those at Walker Valley Veterinarian Hospital in New York, have approved specific human medications for dogs. For canine jo... Read More »

Tired, bad headaches, abdominal pain, shoulder, leg, arm and joint pain..what is wrong with me?

Please try not to worry. You could have something as 'normal' as the flu, with fever. Or, if you're pretty sure you don't, then it sounds like a post-viral infectious arthritis. Rheumatoid infectio... Read More »

Has anyone experienced unusual joint pain or muscle pain while on Lisinopril Mainly in the knees ?

Years ago I was put on a drug, I forget the name of it now, however within a month of taking it I could barely walk. The bones in my feet were aching so much (it was as though my ligaments would s... Read More »