Does Dr. Frank's Joint Pain Relief have mercury in it?

Answer Dr. Frank's Joint and Muscle Pain Relief spray is a homeopathic remedy that does not contain mercury. It is composed of 10 natural ingredients, many derived from plants or minerals, plus water, fla... Read More »

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How many pain relief pills does it take to kill you?

Take the amount that is directed on the bottle and no more. In case you haven't seen the news lately plenty of people die just taking a few extra pills along with something else.I take hydrocodone... Read More »

If i have knee joint pain should i do this?

No, you shouldnt do this, if you have joint pain.

Can a burn near a joint case joint pain?

It couldn't cause joint pain. It can burn the muscle which can tighten up the tendon to make pains within the joint area but they aren't from the joint. So yes and no.

Does lisinopril cause joint pain?

On One Hand: Lisinopril Has Been Shown to Cause Joint PainAccording to RxList, joint pain is one side effect that was reported during the clinical trials for lisinopril, otherwise known as Privinil... Read More »