Does Dock-N-Talk talk really work?

Answer On One Hand: Can Replace Landline ServiceDock-N-Talk is a device from Phone Labs that allows a cellular phone to be used in place of home phone service. The cellular phone is plugged into the small... Read More »

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Which popular talk show host dubs himself The Godzilla of Talk Radio?

For over 4 years you have been doing all kinds of stuff with your cousin but you never talk about what you do should you talk to him about it or just ignore it?

Depends on how close cousins you are and what your family and community think of cousin relationships. However, it is usually best to talk, not to assume or ignore.

What are your views on Talk Talk the broadband provider and their costumer services?

As an ISP - fine, no worse than any otherCustomer care - can be very good, if you get past the 1st line 'answerbook'BUT make notes of every conversation,(good for any operator incl BT)- who you tal... Read More »

How to Understand Why Some RuneScape Players Don't Respond Back or Talk Much when You Talk to Them?

Ever tried talking to a player on RuneScape, but they're really quiet?