Does Dock-N-Talk talk really work?

Answer On One Hand: Can Replace Landline ServiceDock-N-Talk is a device from Phone Labs that allows a cellular phone to be used in place of home phone service. The cellular phone is plugged into the small... Read More »

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If bt terminate my landline does it effect my switchover to talk talk?

With most companys you just pay for your calls from them and BT will still charge you line rental. Some companys are taking over line rental as well but not sure on talk talk. Check with them. Your... Read More »

What does RSS mean Please tell what it means in plain talk not computer talk. Thanks?

RSS stands for different things. RSS is a way of showing content (news, pictures, mp3s) without having to go to different web addresses to get it. Say you want to read the news at CNN, foxnews an... Read More »

What hours does a talk show host work?

The show is taped Monday thru Thursday. She tapes two shows on Thursdays.She starts taping 4:00

What is the transition of radio talk sHow is to television talk shows?