Does Disconnecting a Car Battery Clear the Computer?

Answer As of 1996, all cars sold in the United States have come equipped with an on-board diagnostics computer system that retains error codes and engine settings in its memory. Some have the ability to r... Read More »

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How to Reset Car Codes by Disconnecting the Battery?

When an error code has been thrown by the ECU, it triggers a "check engine" or "service engine soon" light on the dash. Upon troubleshooting and fixing the corresponding problem, it is commonplace ... Read More »

How to Test an Alternator by Disconnecting the Battery?

Proper testing of an alternator requires the use of a multimeter or battery tester. An alternator produces direct current (DC) but can also produce alternative current (AC), which can damage the va... Read More »

My Toyota Rav4 Won't Start After Disconnecting Battery?

All cars, including a Toyota Rav4, need a battery to start the engine. It provides the power to engage the starter motor in the engine, which then turns the engine over. The battery then provides h... Read More »

Computer keeps disconnecting from the internet?

Hi August,I work for Dell's Social Media Team. I recommend you try uninstall and reinstall the wireless card driver. To uninstall, click on start, right click on computer, click on properties, clic... Read More »