Does Direct TV track viewership of its channels?

Answer Since no DirecTV experts have responded to you yet, I'll take a stab at it. First, one has to imagine how their system could obtain data from your account as to what you (or anyone) has been watch... Read More »

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Where can you find a conversaion chart of Time Warner cable channels and direct tv channels?

What channels does direct tv own?

Yes they are probably the most honest TV provider you can get. plus they have the most channels the most hd channels largest DVR Best picture quality and best signal reliability best packaging and ... Read More »

Does Direct TV have any exercise channels?

Yes! Just found Exercise TV yesterday. Love it already. Dozens of free downloads. Hoping this is a permanent addition. Channel 1831

How many channels does Direct TV DVR offer?

Direct TV DVR offers hundreds of channels to its subscribers. The actual number can change depending on your area and what channels are involved in the package you purchase.